Treasures of Intricate Craftsmanship

Temptations, for decades, has been offering very fine high end jewellery and legacy pieces that are revered for many generations to come. The workmanship of Temptations is remarkably intricate and extraordinary as every detail of the jewellery piece is crafted with ultra precision.

Every piece is made with beautiful three dimensional layering which stands Temptations apart from every other brand. Each and every detail is closely scrutinized before it reaches the showroom. It takes years of practice to master this craft of creating bespoke finesse.


Diamond Radiant Heart Ring


Intricate Flamenco Diamond Earrings

World Of Custom Made

Temptations believes that the gems have life in them; their colors speak and they add to the style of an individual where it soon becomes their identity. The yield of such a belief is the purest form of elegance that’s beyond comparison. Therefore, every piece of jewellery created at Temptations is one-of-a-kind, a beloved collectible in all its highest jeweled forms.

Quintessentially Temptations

Creativity, Practicality and Value are the three main aspects of design which form the foundation as well as inspiration for the onset of the whole design process at Temptations. Temptations takes its inspiration from the ethnic roots of Asia, inculcating its essence in a very contemporary look.
  • Traditional Indian Jewellery
  • Diamond
  • Watches
  • Gemstones
  • Pearl

Creations for Men

Our exclusive range of men’s collection pushes the boundaries of royal yet contemporary  jewellery for men. Each design is highly refined, comprising elegant structure and finest gemstones and diamonds.


For over a quarter of a century Temptations has created beloved collectibles in all its highest jeweled forms. We humbly began with a single, hand crafted diamond ring and the adage that the best is always desired. Today, Temptations fulfills the most discerning fanciful needs.

For over a quarter of century ago Temptations has created beloved collectibles…

Our passion and knowledge for fine jewelry offers an unrivaled collection. With flawless attention to detail, superb quality, impeccable craftsmanship and innovative creativity, we are proud to offer jewelry known for their enduring value and timeless appeal.